Product Features Orthopedic Saddle Pads for Horses • Constructed using specialized core material

Truly an Orthopedic Saddle Pad

This is the original orthopedic saddle pad created by Dr. Mike and Janette Freeman. SaddleRight has over 34 years of manufacturing and craftsmanship experience.  Our desire is to offer products that enhance your ability to strengthen the connection you have with your horse. 

SaddleRight is a division of Omega Fields and owned by Sean Moriarty.

Western Square


Western Square
Standard Size:
24"-32" Front to Back

30" - 32" Drop

Round Barrel


Round Barrel
Standard Size:

24" - 32" Front to Back

30" - 32" Drop




Standard Only Available Size:

28" Front to Back

39" Drop

As the name implies, this pad is for Endurance Riders. The protection runs throughout the pad and side panels.

This style comes in 28" x 39" only and offers the choice of all suede cover or a wool felt-suede combo.

Special Deluxe


Special Deluxe

Standard Size:
24" - 32" Front to Back

34" Drop

This has been a popular pad! Its unique design allows this pad to be a universal fit!  The Special Deluxe works well, for those riders who use both the treeless, dropped rigged, and (or) a treed saddle. It swaps nicely under them all!  The half wear leather is Top Grain leather and has a cut away rear section that accommodates shorter backed horses. Suede cover, and 34 drop only.

(See options and upgrades)

Comes in a square model or a rounded model.

English / Dessage


English / Dressage
Sizes Available:
Standard: Saddle Seat size 17 - 19 1/2"
(21" - 23")

Our English Style orthopedic saddle pads are handmade in the USA.

Choose from 20 different suede colors (suede model shown) or
Fine Glove leather in Black or Brown.

  • Standard 17-17.5 seat & 190# rider
  • Larger seat sizes are 18-18.5, 19-19.5 upgrade $20
  • Extra Protection (190 - 300 #) rider $20 upgrade

Learn about & How to Order SaddleRight Pads

Truly the Best Orthopedic Saddle Pad

Buy The Best Handmade Saddle Pad in the USA for over 30 years!

  • Options to fit any size saddle including English and Western Styles 
  • We Do NOT use memory foam, gel foam, air bladders - all of which significantly increase pressure points on the horse.
  • Constructed using specialized core material with proven orthopedic value.
  • Core material is guaranteed never to compress, deform or degrade.
  • 100% Lifetime Guarantee
  • Finest Quality Glove and suede leathers used for durability and visual appealing quality 
  • 100% Pressed Wool Felt for optimal moisture wicking and temperature control 100% 
  • Upgrades Available - The "Legacy"  Adds and addition 1/8" Core Material to the bar area of the pad.

1. Let's Get Started - Choose Your Style

  • Western Square
  • Endurance
  • Special Deluxe
  • Round Barrel
  • English / Dressage

2. Take Measurements

What Size do you need for your saddle?

  • Measure back length. This will be the first number for your order
  • Measure the "Drop" length. This will be the second number for your order.
    (For Example 32" length x 34" Drop)

3. Choose Your Colors

  • Choose your suede color (see choices below)
  • Choose your wear leather color (see choices below)

Need Something More?

  • Legacy
    • The Legacy upgrade adds an additional 1/8-inch core material to the bar area of the pad only. This brings the thickness of the pad from 5/8 to ¾ thickness in the bar area. 
      • The weight bearing capacity of the pad changes from the standard 300 lbs to 600 lbs load.
      • This is the most popular upgrade for horses with strenuous riding applications such as Roping, Ranching, extended hours of trail riding, etc.
      • It is also the best upgrade for horses with Atrophy, Kissing Spine, or mild drop of the back.  This is a $20 upgrade and is available on all models excluding our English and Race Pads.

Thickness & Spec's

Standard Pad - Weight bearing capacity 300#
Legacy Pad - Weight bearing capacity 600# (Additional 1/8th Inch Core)

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