Barn Yard Flock & Goods

Farm Fresh Eggs

Farm Fresh Eggs | Barn Yard Flock & Goods | Better Equine | Chickens Feed Total Bird | Total Feeds

Farm Fresh Eggs straight from the Ranch. Drop by and see the resident chickens!

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Nigerian Dwarf Goats | Barn Yard Flock & Goods | Farm Fresh Eggs | Better Equine | Baked Goods

Stop by during business hours and check out our Nigerian Dwarf Goats  & their babies!

Baby Chicks & Turkeys

Order Chicks, poults and more from Better Equine | Barn Yard Flock and Goods | Total Bird

Order you day old baby chicks from us! Healthy stock!

Assorted Baked Goods

Barn Yard Flock & Goods | Cupcakes and berries | Pies | Cookies

Stop in and see what baked goods are Fresh on the Rack. Breads, Cookies, Cakes and More available for Order.

Paola Farmers Market

Paola Farmers Market | Barn Yard Flock and Goods | Farm Fresh Eggs

The Summer 2019 we will be at some of the Paola Farmers Markets with our Eggs and more!

Horse Tail Coffee & Tea


We are working on our custom blend of Coffee & Tea's. Stay tuned for our future launch and taste testing -  Goal 2021!